B for good business, one year on how B Corp status impacted how we work

June 16, 2023


Just over one year ago (May 2022) Pixeled Eggs became a certified B Corp. In our latest blog we review what it means to us, highlight some of the improvements we’ve made and the benefits this brings to us and our clients.

B Corporation is a global movement focused on creating positive change. A community of organisations all focused on repairing and protecting our people and planet, creating business as a force for good. B Corps balance purpose and profit, working towards a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable world.

We founded Pixeled Eggs on some simple principles: Get a team of good people together, do good work, and enjoy the journey. We’ve always held a strong position of working and standing for positive impact and change: From the company we keep, the purpose-driven websites we create, through to our sustainable and accessible best practices we infuse into our client work. For us becoming a B Corp certified organisation was a natural fit and the right thing to do.

We’re now on a path of continuous improvement, ensuring that making a positive impact is the basis for everything we do and we’re sharing our journey through our first Impact Report.

Our B Impact Report looks at the last year and the changes we’ve made on all impact areas (Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers). You can download a copy of our latest impact report here, or at the end of this blog.

A quick summary of just some of what we did in the last year:

  • We’re proud to have realigned our vision and values to reflect what we believe in, Good People + Good Work = A Better World
  • We commit to creating sustainable and accessible websites for our clients, building this into the full process from brief to final deliverable
  • We confirmed our employee commitments and became accredited by the Living Wage Foundation
  • We do purpose-driven digital from charities, nonprofits through to firms making positive change, we now have over 70% of our client base as purpose-led. Visit our work and client pages to learn more.

In 2022, we scored an overall score of 90.6, in comparison to a 50.6 median score for ordinary businesses, and our impact report sets out our plans to improve on this score.

For our clients and prospective clients

Pixeled Eggs being certified means that you know you are working with an organisation that meets the highest standards of societal and environmental responsibility and provides a benchmark on the positive impact we make. It champions our commitment and dedication to how we responsibly and sustainably operate.

The B Corporation is more than a mark or certification, it is a global movement of businesses all striving to do business for good. It also provides a directory of like-minded businesses who all hold the highest social and environmental standards. In the UK alone there are now 1,200 B Corp organisations, with over 55,000 people. With a clear purpose and message to go beyond, to manifest, to learn and share what matters.

As a B Corp, we’re not just any agency, we’re an agency that cares about our clients, people and planet. We’re Pixeled Eggs, we do purpose-driven digital.