Coffee Morning – Macmillan Cancer Support

Delivering Macmillan’s Coffee Morning, the world’s biggest coffee fundraising event

The challenge

When faced with ‘the world’s biggest’ anything you know you have a challenge on your hands. Our particular challenge was to create and deliver an experience for fundraisers to host and participate in Coffee Morning events.

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The approach

The application needed to adhere to Macmillan’s strict technical guidelines and be built to cater for a potentially large audience.

People host their own Coffee Mornings and donations on the day are made to Macmillan. We increased the reach of each person’s event by displaying their event on a searchable map, allowing everyone to get involved and inspiring new connections. The money raised could be donated through the platform allowing Macmillan to collect useful data about the events’ hosts.


In 2018, Macmillan Coffee Morning raised over £26 million

The result

We worked in an iterative process to deliver the key functionality for launch followed by a series of improvements post-launch. The success of the platform meant that we were able to create a white-label fundraising platform for Macmillan where other fundraising campaigns could be trialled quickly and efficiently. These included Game Heroes, Whodunnit, Summer Lights and OutRun.