Discover South Africa for The Guardian

Creating the awe of South Africa for Guardian readers

The challenge

How can the South African tourist board portray South Africa as the perfect destination for Guardian readers? We needed to create a rich experience to portray both the expected and unexpected sides of South Africa using a playful interface and the awe-inspiring imagery of South Africa.

The approach

Our collaborative approach allowed us to quickly prototype the site and work together with The Guardian to explore a split-screen functionality that would allow the audience to explore the ‘must do’ and ‘something new’ journeys in parallel. By building a rich and creative experience, we created a website with interactive intelligence to deliver a ‘storytelling style’ experience with an adventurous feel.

Winner of Digital Impact Awards for “Best Use of Digital” in travel and leisure sector.
Silver Lovie Award in Online Advertising for Branded Microsite.

The result

The site has continually grown and evolved. Initially launched to run alongside a three month campaign, its success sees the site still live and updated regularly, 4 years later.