EVRYTHNG - Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket

Connected jackets combining personalised content and exclusive experiences on an IoT powered platform

Rochambeau’s BRIGHT BMBR Jackets use a combination of an NFC chip and QR code to connect to their data profiles in EVRYTHNG’s IoT platform.

Smart Jacket

Using our application, owners of the jackets can unlock personalised VIP experiences to highly sought after events including exclusive restaurants, galleries and nightclubs and a New York Fashion Week ticket to Rochambeau’s spring 2017 runway show. The experience of the jacket is also extended through geolocation – when it’s scanned within 500 yards of one of the three “The New Stand” stores, it will provide further access to a personalised gift for the wearer.

Exclusive Experiences

Each jacket offers the wearer a VIP pass to exclusive experiences such as a tasting menu for two at Toro restaurant, a personal tour at New Release gallery, or velvet rope entry to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York (Never Never).

New York Fashion Week

At the end of the Autumn/Winter season, each smart jacket turns into a New York Fashion Week ticket to Rochambeau’s 2017 runway show, where the wearer can experience the brand’s new Spring/Summer collection.