Keystone – Digital Works for Charity

Keystone offers charities a cost-efficient way to deliver the best possible user experience, while helping to maximise your digital income

The challenge

We all want to give supporters and beneficiaries a great digital experience, but not everyone in the charity and non-profit sector knows how to deliver it.

As a result, many mid-sized UK charities – those with incomes of between £100k and £10m – opt for off-the-peg or themed websites rather than a bespoke one. But while these can look good on the surface, a recent study by world-renowned usability consultants NNG found a worrying number of significant problems on charity and non-profit websites:

  • 17% of potential donors could not find a donation page
  • 47% reported problems due to page structure and design
  • 53% were confronted by misleading or confusing content

These poor user experiences could be costing mid-sized UK charities £2.6b a year in additional revenue. With around 33,000 charities in that bracket, that’s an average of almost £79k per charity. Every. Single. Year.

That’s why we developed Keystone. A smarter alternative.

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The approach

We’re experts in digital experience and wanted to share our expertise with UK charities in a truly meaningful way. That’s why we created Keystone; to get digital working more effectively at a fair and affordable price.

When it comes to creating a website, charities have a choice between three base approaches, Keystone adds a fourth:

  1. Off-the-peg – e.g. subscription services, such as Wix. These are easy to set-up, but have limited functionality and are hard to scale.
  2. Themed – these are pre-built generic sites, not typically designed to meet the needs of charities.
  3. Bespoke – these are created from scratch so should
be brilliant, but not all suppliers understand charity or take a genuinely user centred approach.
  4. Keystone – an affordable and tailored solution, designed to deliver a best- in-class web experience for your charity, it’s beneficiaries and supporters.
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The results

Keystone offers you a cost-efficient way to deliver the best possible user experience, while helping to maximise your digital income

This gives you access to a best in class website at a price point more comparable to a themed approach. Keystone is a service available to UK charities with less than £10m income. It offers an excellent option to charities when a bespoke approach is not right.

And the benefits don’t stop there; Keystone raises the bar across every aspect of your website, making it easier to engage with, more visible, and better integrated with social media.

Expert support

  • With Keystone, you’ll be supported by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team, who will work with you from start to finish to deliver your website
  • Prototypes and user-testing are built into the development process, so you can be sure that the suggested approaches work in the real world; on desktop and mobile devices

Seamless integration

  • We can integrate your site with donation platforms such as JustGiving, to help remove barriers between would-be donors and their gifts
  • We can also integrate with other digital channels, such as email and social media platforms, making it easier for you to engage with your supporters and beneficiaries and to help build deeper relationships

Invaluable insight

  • We provide built-in, bespoke analytics and performance metrics, giving you useful insight into the performance of your campaigns and other online content

Complete control

  • Keystone comes with user-friendly admin tools, which make it easy for you to update content in-house
  • It includes training and support to increase the digital expertise of your staff
  • And because it uses WordPress, you are not tied to us, or any one supplier
  • Security, hosting and updates are all built in

Please get in touch to find out more about how Keystone can deliver a better online experience for your charity, beneficiaries and supporters.