Money for Life for UK Youth

Giving young people the confidence to manage their money

The challenge

Turning corporate content into an engaging experience is no small feat. This is especially true when the topic at hand is personal finance and your users are 16–25 year olds.

UK Youth’s programme, Money for Life, gives young people the knowledge, life skills and support needed to manage their money. While the website was packed with useful advice and strategies, the overall experience wasn’t resonating with their audiences. Valuable lessons were lost in overgrown content pages, which were too long and hard to navigate.

We set out to untangle their content, redesigning every stage of the learning experience to create a website that would speak to their young users. We were also tasked with building an app that would make smashing savings goals a breeze.

Money for Life for UK Youth

The approach

Young people’s attention spans can be a little on the short side. Through data-driven research and face-to-face testing with the very people Money for Life works to support, we transformed the website’s ‘read and learn’ model into a ‘learn while reading’ concept.

No more long-form text and exam-style learning. Instead, visitors are offered micro-learning interactions: bite-sized morsels in the form of quizzes, polls, social sharing, games and educational videos. This approach allows the website’s users to engage in a manner and at a pace that suits them, providing continuous opportunities to learn throughout each visit, while ensuring that nothing gets lost.

Alongside the website, we created the “Pennies to Pounds” app to support young people in saving money. From rental deposits to holidays, users can quickly and easily enter their savings goals to see a clear breakdown of what they need to save and when. Coupled with quick-access money saving tips that link through to the website via an API, the app serves as a handy tool for an audience always on the move.

Money for Life for UK Youth

The results

With a significant increase in both visitors and engagement, it’s safe to say that the Money for Life website is working hard to help young people make the most of their money.

130% increase in year on year users

120% increase in engagement