TIGI for Unilever

Uniting TIGI's global digital experience

The challenge

TIGI founder, award-winning, iconic hairdresser, Anthony Mascolo has created a thriving business.  It has a portfolio of five successful sub-brands serving quality products to professional hairdressers, across eight regions and languages.  TIGI’s quick growth resulted in a poor digital experience for customers and an inconsistent brand that was confusing.  This frustrated customers and prevented TIGI understanding or influencing customer behaviour.  Managing the different platforms, supporting product launches and meeting the need for customer insight and loyalty had become impossible for the central team, and a barrier to growth.

TIGI for Unilever
TIGI for Unilever

The approach

We collaborated with TIGI to create a unified digital experience that reinforces the master-brand, while giving each sub-brand the autonomy to manage themselves.

We developed a mobile-first  open-source platform that supports multiple websites and languages.  Sub-brands manage their pages and content locally, while the platform offers contextual content based on user behaviour, which increases the opportunity to cross and upsell.

We used prototypes and user testing to gain insight and understand key user journeys.  We created a templated, modular approach that gives the TIGI brands flexibility of page layout while protecting key user journeys, and the overall user experience.

We created a design system that protects the TIGI brand while giving sub-brand’s the freedom to shine.

We put the analytics and conversion metrics in place and built custom global and regional reporting dashboards.

We continually enhance the user experience through insights gained from behavioural and analytics data.

TIGI for Unilever

The result

Since the initial launch in 2017, the site has grown to attract 10 times the number of visitors from across the world, catering for both a professional and end user audience. The site offers a consistent experience across TIGI’s brand portfolio, and with the ability to manage SEO on a page level built into the CMS, the site’s search visibility has also grown dramatically, doubling the impressions and clicks since launch.

1.5m people reached

75 different countries

50% of all traffic through organic search channels

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