Uniting global TIGI brands through a centralised platform

The challenge

TIGI’s brand and product websites were disjointed and disconnected, making them difficult to manage and direct users. Our challenge was to create a platform for all TIGI’s brand websites to be managed centrally, encouraging frequent updates across the regions, whilst keeping the sites looking fresh and on brand.

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The approach

TIGI’s founder Anthony Mascolo, has created a unique culture: a hub of creatives pushing the boundaries, using TIGI products to enhance cut, colour, style and finish. We worked together with TIGI to fuse their products and culture into a unified web experience; reinforcing the TIGI brand, whilst allowing each range to keep its unique style and personality.

We use a templated approach to keep the user experience consistent, and a design system which gives just enough freedom for each brand’s personality to shine through. With the content available in eight different regions and languages, it is important for each region to manage their own content, allowing them to talk in a way that they know works with the locals. As with all our sites, responsive behaviour is inbuilt, and we took a mobile first approach based on user research.

The main TIGI brand and the sub brands (Catwalk, Bed Head, Bed Head for Men, Rockaholic and Copyright) are now managed through a WordPress multi-site setup, meaning each brand is available in multiple languages with built in region detection automatically directing users to the right version for them.

Rapid prototyping and development followed by data led optimisation means we can review and optimise the site adding new functionality to tweak and improve the user experience on an ongoing basis.

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The result

Since the initial launch in 2017, the site has grown to attract 10 times the number of visitors from across the world, catering for both a professional and end user audience. With the ability to manage SEO on a page level built into the CMS, the site’s search visibility has also grown dramatically, doubling the impressions and clicks since launch.

1.5m people reached

75 different countries

50% of all traffic through organic search channels