Inspire Inclusion International Women’s Day 2024

March 8, 2024


Every year on the 8th of March, International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world.

With this year’s theme of Inspire Inclusion, I caught up with some of the Pixeled Eggs team to find out what this topic means to them. From women who have inspired us, our top tips and what inclusivity means.

I hope it provides you with support, inspiration and of course a feeling of inclusion, no matter your gender, background or walk of life.

Who is the woman that has inspired you the most?

Kate Sheppard. She fought for women’s suffrage and made New Zealand the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. I admire her courage to speak out against inequality and her determination to change the world.” Dabin Han, UX Designer.

Paula Scher, American graphic designer and painter. It’s not a coincidence that she works in the same industry as me. Years ago, I came across stories of designers who made significant contributions to the world, and she immediately stood out for her incredible talent and passion. She was a personal inspiration to me, and her work influenced my career path. As the first female principal at Pentagram, the world’s largest independent design consultancy, she faced numerous obstacles due to her gender.” Eleonora Persio, Senior Designer.

“The work of Joeli Brearly, Founder of Pregnant Then Screwed is pretty inspirational. She’s campaigning against the motherhood penalty (the systematic disadvantage that women face in the workplace) after her own experience of pregnancy discrimination. She’s won multiple awards, standing for women’s human rights and acting as an agent of change.” Willow Costello, Client Services Director.

“I find inspiration in a different woman every day! From various walks of life and throughout history. From my homeland, Poland, Irena Sendlerowa and Maria Skłodowska Curie have inspired me. Historical figures like Clara Schumann, Artemisia Gentileschi, and Mary Shelley have also left a lasting impression. And, from more recent times, women like Hedy Lamarr, Nina Simone, Anurada Korala, and Somaya Jabarti have influenced me greatly. I could go on and on about the women who have influenced and inspired me!” Zuzanna Ciesielska, Senior Project Manager.

What tip would you give to women entering design or development roles?

Eleonora: In what is still a male-dominated world, don’t be afraid to have a voice and give your opinion. Stand for what you are passionate about and good at. Your work will speak for itself regardless of gender.

Zuzanna: ​​I went to a STEM-focused school with mostly male students, and if I could talk to my younger self, I’d say not to get discouraged by the pressure on women to be outstanding. Mediocrity means being average, and the fact is that most of us are average at most things, and this is okay for both genders. Moreover, to become excellent at something, you most often need to be average first, and to understand what you enjoy and where your passions are. Therefore, my top tip is to relax, enjoy the learning, and discover yourself in the process.

Dabin: Don’t limit or doubt yourself and always do your best. Unexpected paths may open in front of you.

What does inclusivity mean to you?

Dabin: It’s about ensuring that people of all backgrounds and abilities, including age, culture, gender, education, geographic location, and race, are understood, and respected, and that their needs are met.

Emily, Senior UX Researcher: Inclusivity is openness, having an open mind and open arms to things and people that we in some way perceive as different from ourselves. Often we will notice that there is no difference at all. Be curious about others and ultimately that’s what makes life interesting.

Eleonora: Inclusivity in design for me means an open and sensitive world towards diversification. A world that every person can access no matter the accessibility needs. Having the ability to make websites always more accessible feels like we’re letting individuals know they are all being heard. Inclusivity means everyone is welcome. It’s about giving equal opportunities for learning, speaking, sharing ideas and more without considering gender, race, religion, age, class, sexuality, background etc. Inclusivity is the only way.

What inspired you to pursue your career and current role?

Caroline Otu, Web and WordPress specialist: I’ve always loved computers, I was the person in school who would fix the monitor or TV screen if it wasn’t working. It was always something I wanted to do but thought I had to study academically to get into it. Joining Pixeled Eggs has shown me otherwise, I’ve learned so much since being here and it’s really boosted my confidence in this field.

Melisa Mourelle, UX Designer: I’ve always been curious about why people do what they do and what they need to feel happy and fulfilled. That curiosity led me to choose my career path. I enjoy learning about human behaviour and finding ways to help them when their needs are not being met. Knowing that what I do can make a difference in people’s lives is very satisfying.

Dabin: I always wanted to become a designer. I like creating new things, in particular, I wanted to make the experience of when people use digital devices more comfortable and enjoyable, so I pursued a career as a UX/UI designer.

Eleonora: I found design whilst searching for a job that wouldn’t feel like a job. For me, design is solving problems and a creative release. It is part of my daily routine which makes everything more exciting and something that I still love to this day.


At Pixeled Eggs, we’re proud to have an amazing and diverse team, a team that stands for change. Today we stand together as allies and colleagues. As a purpose-driven agency, we’re specialists who love to exceed expectations, an open, inclusive and collaborative team.

Thank you to our female team members.

We’re proud as a web design and development agency an often male-dominated sector, over half of our team is made of some inspiring inclusive women:

  • Nicola Barnard, Operations Director
  • Hayley Brace, Marketing Director
  • Zuzanna Ciesielska, Senior Project Manager
  • Willow Costello, Client Services Director
  • Talia Flintoff, Quality Assurance
  • Emily Franzini, Senior UX Researcher
  • Dabin Han, UX Designer
  • Keely Johnson, Senior Account Manager
  • Melisa Mourelle, UX Designer
  • Caroline Otu, Web and WordPress Specialist
  • Eleonora Persio, Senior Designer

You all rock! Keep being your authentic selves, doing what you love and do best!

“There is nothing more precious than laughter–it is strength to laugh and lose oneself, to be light.”

Frida Kahlo

“Being a woman has nothing to do with the work itself. I don’t like pink more. There was a group of feminists very active in the ’80s who believed that women actually made different kinds of work [than men]. I don’t buy that.”

Paula Scher by American Graphic Designer and Painter.