Social & Environment Responsibility


Social responsibility

Our vision is to be a sustainable business that people love because of our culture and the work we do. This vision requires us to be thoughtful about our business and the company we keep with our clients. It has led to an increasing focus on working with the charity, conservation and non-profit sector and organisations that play an active role in helping to repair our planet. As part of this vision we also have the following commitments:

Reduced Margin
We reduce our margin of redesign projects for charity clients by applying a 10% reduction to our fees.

Flipside Partnership
We have partnered with Flipside, a collaboration between the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC), The Skills Lab and A New Direction, with help and support from leading agencies to co-develop and deliver a creative training programme for talented and typically underrepresented groups such as non-graduates, women and non-binary people, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, and those with disabilities.

BIMA Charity Council

Our Chair is a member of the BIMA Charity Council that was set up to help connect incredible charities with best in class private sector organisations. We want every charity to become a more digital organisation, regardless of their size, reach or income.

BIMA Charity Website Tracker

In 2020 we worked with BIMA to bring an industry standard benchmarking tracker of charity websites. It looks at best practice in the charity sector to help raise standards and involved a significant amount of research in which we audited 10% of the total number of UK charities websites who have an income of between £100k and £10m. The results of this significant research was published as a white paper report by BIMA in September 2020.


We take part in team fundraising activities during the year to support our clients or chosen charities.


Environmental responsibility

We are committed to protect the environment by being a more sustainable business and making choices where possible that make a positive difference. We consider this through how we can minimise the consumption of resources and minimise the production of waste and harmful emissions to air, land and water.

  • We are committed to considering sustainability as a key part of our design and development process, ensuring that the carbon footprint and emissions of greenhouse gases from our websites are minimised.
  • We choose hosting and development platforms that use 100% renewable energy.
  • We recycle or reuse hardware. We sell or recycle redundant hardware and technology.
  • We recycle paper, card, plastic & metal to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We minimise travel and use video conferencing and digital communications tools where possible. 
  • We take trains not planes when we are able to. We support the government’s Bike 2 Work scheme to encourage people to cycle to work where we have made room for bicycle storage. 
  • We minimise impact of consumption. We operate a paperless office for the majority of our work and purchase environmentally responsible options when they are available. 
  • We buy renewable, zero carbon energy. We buy our office power from sustainable suppliers. 
  • We create awareness of environmental issues with our staff through occasional lunch and learn sessions. 

There are aspects of our business we do not control; in these cases, we lobby for change.